Wild Currant (Ribes americanum) – Grounded Love

This essence brings a greater awareness of the quality of tenacity. Wild Currant fosters deeper connections to nature, animals, and to each other. At a deeper level, there is an enhanced spiritual connection to the entire plant kingdom. It deepens the ability to understand it, be drawn to it, and work with it, by helping one discover the real connection and attraction that has always been there. This is about love, as if to awaken ones own inner tenacity of love, the ability to keep loving. With the use of this flower essence, one can more easily discover and know a much deeper love, a love that has always been there, a love that relates as much to your acceptance of your relationships, yourself, and other things, as it does the acknowledgment of the very existence of these things. Wild Currant strengthens an awareness of a grounded underlying basic love, thereby allowing one to see and heal the negative emotions that naturally arise in life’s various relationship situations.


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