Violet (Yellow) – Viola pendulata – Understanding Disease

Violet does appear to have some interesting characteristics to confer deeper insight into the cause of disease, the understanding of the ways in which disease can be helpful, in which it is an understanding of the way in which disease progresses through the body with the deliberate intent of providing health. This is difficult for most people to grasp because of number one, its simplicity; and number two, the powerful energies that oppose this in the world.

In order to heal and cure a variety of diseases, this knowledge can be very helpful. When you are working on any disease in the physical body, the understanding of the ways in which it could be utilized in order to provide healing is that which remains one of the largest most important features in the entire health movement that is moving away from more orthodox forms of disease treatment. You are constantly moving from the state of whatever you are in to a higher state of health; hence the purpose of disease is to provide greater health. This is extremely difficult to grasp in its simplicity and its understanding, but is the correct answer to what is the purpose for disease.

But number 2, the very idea that humankind has strayed very far from those aspects for which the physical body is designed, is then producing states over and over where the body is trying its best to move back to a place of health, but is consistently blocked from doing this by this constant infusion of these materials, thought patterns, electromagnetic fields, and various other energies. This plant has the capacity to engage people’s consciousness in understanding this for themselves personally, not only about what they can change in their life to become more natural, using naturally occurring substances, making the diet simpler, purer, less processed, and so on, but have the sense of what this does in the body, how it shifts for them, and more importantly, grasp the principle of any disease.

Disease symptoms will typically be focused on those particular areas where various aspects have more strongly blocked the individual from a state of joy, awakening, and consciousness. At a deeper level, in recognizing the patterns, intuition is awakened: a sense of the correct foods to eat, the opportunity to let go of the powerful changes that have occurred at the physical level as a result of excessive exposure to extreme tastes, in particular the sweet taste, may occur for individuals.

A few drops of the flower essence into raw, unheated honey is a useful combination and could be very helpful to some individuals who are seeking not only healing, but an understanding of the disease process and what is happening within their body as they are confronting a disease.


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