Tiger Lily (Lilium lancefolium) – Releasing Fear

Tiger lily has a variety of capacities to shift ones perspective around death in ways in which one is able to accept and even in some ways see in a sort of continuous way the benefits of this, allowing one to release an underlying belief typically held within the collective consciousness of all of humanity that one should hesitate from particular tasks, should refrain from expressing or doing things that come to some place of danger or difficulty because at some fundamental level you fear death. Tiger Lily brings this forward in a way that is much more than just being bold. It allows one a sense that there is a place for this, for the entire cycle of death, and the ways in which this energy can be particularly hopeful, as if not just an acceptance but an actual welcoming. This does not necessarily translate to anything physical, rather it is something that allows the individual to let go of the resistances that have been unconscious. These resistances are frequently those that the individual can attune to when one is able to recognize the powerful grip in the collective consciousness as a result. Tiger Lily can at times inspire individuals to take on tasks or areas where they previously had fear, but it can also encourage them to look at the fear, to understand the energies associated with it, and to ask this simple question: what is the danger? Many times this when made more clear to the individual, the very aspect that you are afraid of falls apart, it is able to then simply remind you that you have within you the capacity to do far more than you ever thought possible.


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