Swan Plant (Asclepias physocarpa) – New Ideas

Swan Plant has many fascinating properties at conferring much benefit to the brain, capacity to interact more consciously with all of the subtle bodies, and improve the ability to think quickly, while at the same time allowing the brain an easier time of interacting across multiple dimensional levels, a sense of antenna or deeper contact and awareness. There are those who might see some connection here in other signature ways to other spherical aspects in the physical body, ovaries, testes, and eyes, many of the various spherical shapes. This is conferring some benefit primarily in the way in which the brain is better able to communicate, especially around issues of vision, sexuality, and the capacity to reproduce. As various issues can more easily show up in consciousness and be shifted, one is often then able to draw in ideas that are very far from one’s usual way of thinking, having a completely new sense of self or remembering an aspect from a past life. The ability to draw in energy and aspects of healing or an ability to help others that are quite different from anything you had previously experienced, is an important component that this flower essence can provide.


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