Strawberry Snowball Tree (Dombeya cacuminum) – Spiritualized Sex

Strawberry Snowball Tree essence has interesting properties to assist people with a deeper awakening of their connection between their physical sensuality, sexuality, and aspects of the physical body. This primarily relates to the first and second chakras and their higher wisdom, understanding of their connection to the collective consciousness, ability to work with these energies at a vibrational level often beyond that of words or understanding in the usual communicative sense. Seventh, eighth, and ninth chakras, are as if bridged, joined, merged temporarily with the first and second.

Intent of this spiritualized sexuality can often be quite different from one person to the next. Thus it would make sense to assess more carefully your own relationship between spirituality and sexuality for you personally before utilizing this essence, though it would be quite helpful for anybody when you are more aware of aspects that you would like to shift about this or those that you would see as beneficial and wish to emphasize further, this could be quite helpful. Simply taken in a more open way, as if the statement being made is, ‘I am open to the joining, the spiritualization of my sexuality and my highest consciousness’, surprising and often unexpected results can occur. That is because most individuals have a backlog, a karmic reservoir, aspects of emotional suppression, issues around sexuality that they have been unwilling to explore, have been difficult for them to understand or work with, and are those that in various ways the soul would like very much to clear.


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