Sourgrass (Oxalis pes-caprae) – Accepting Love

Sourgrass has a variety of interesting principles, principally and most importantly the idea of persistent, repeatable love, love in the face of those who would reject you, those who would in some ways try to turn your love into what they believe is needed for their own bodies, system, and most importantly, their hearts. The sense that this love can be transformed is held within the deva. Indeed in many of the areas where this plant becomes invasive or is widely noted, the sense that people would learn about love, understand it better, bring it more consciously into their hearts, is an important mission of the devas to explain, to share, to bring into your own understanding. But with this persistence will inevitably come the karma associated with all of the times in the past when you rejected love, when for whatever reason you were seeing that it was necessary to restrict love.

Individuals as they understand and appreciate the very nature of this, will of course recognize that that is counterproductive and seek wherever possible to increase their love. But many individuals, particularly in the past, did not understand this. Thus, as you bring this to you karmically, there will be a tendency with Sourgrass to attract to you those individuals with whom you have pastlife karma in which some aspect of rejection, some pushing away, some way of reducing of love had shown up. Prejudicial energies are of course a much further extension of a reduction of love, and to an extent then Sourgrass can assist with this by allowing individuals to recognize their commonality, the opportunity to love, cherish and appreciate everything around them, the people, nature in particular, the devas, the very idea that one can be more deeply connected in energies and associations with others.


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