Silky Oak (Grevillea robusta) – Generational Understanding

Silky Oak elixir has an excellent capacity to assist with intergenerational communication, the capacity to better understand those around you who are older, and those much younger than yourself. It does so by a shift in consciousness whereby you are able to feel, see, experience through the other, thus a sense of the energies or feelings, and this not so much a verbal or intellectual sense, but that which works through the emotional sense. In this way there can be far greater compassion and understanding for those who are very different from you principally because of age. One of the more important aspects of this shows up naturally in families where people have to take care of their elders, or those who are young who need to understand and work with elders, but also the reverse where an older person is trying to communicate with a younger person and has difficulty doing so. It is able to penetrate through some of the obstacles, prejudices, energies that hold against this shift, and there is a way in which this gives a sense not only of compassion and love, but a sense of oneness, as if you know that this is you. This works in both directions. With this there can be an important bridge to non-physicals, and especially to extraterrestrials. Some extraterrestrials have extreme physical age. Their age may be in excess of 1000 earth years. This is not just around wisdom or conference of experience, it has a lot to do with a sense of self, an outlook, an awareness. But humans simply do not understand at such advanced age the very method of comprehension, interaction, or intellect, all of the things that are having profound effect on a person who has been in a body that long. In many ways this can be bridged or understood with Silky Oak, and in ways in which the individual involved can do so slowly, comfortably, and gradually over a period of time.


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