Sierra Primrose (Primula suffrutescens) – Spiritual Maturity

There does appear to be benefit with Sierra Primrose for individuals who are new to a spiritual path. They are coming to understand matters that perhaps have been on the edge of their consciousness for a while. They are beginning to investigate and understand things that are clearly around them, subtle but not forcing themselves, but they become curious and as they look they find depth, meaning and deeper understanding on so many levels. There are different ways in which people come to a more complete inner understanding of their own spirituality, but one of them which is particularly intriguing at the current time is one in which they have already had a significant investment in some form of organized religion, and in finding the ways in which that has been nurturing or helpful to them, then they often are able to ask the deeper questions about what is right about it; about its benefit on many levels. Where this Primula is so helpful to individuals is where they are looking in themselves as to some way in which they can hold a newfound investigation, appreciation, and understanding of innate spirituality not connected to any organized religion, but find a way to hold that at the same time as an understanding of the religion that they had been involved in. The most difficult in all of this of course is a way in which you come to your own personal understanding, a personal peace you could say, with your God, with your understanding of God. This flower has great utility in shifting relationships, particularly relating to work and people in teams working together. In Lemuria, this plant was utilized in a variety of rituals in which one sought contact with human beings far away, a way in which people could have a sense of being united, of being one, for families that were separated from each other or people who had not seen each other in a while.


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