Showy Honey Myrtle Tree (Melaleuca nesophila) – Psychic Connect

Showy Honey Myrtle Tree is one of many fascinating plants from this part of the world with so many unusual characteristics. This myrtle tree has the capacity to increase one’s natural ability to psychically connect to objects, people, animals, but things that are largely those that you do not normally connect with. Thus it could be people of entirely different races or located far away, as easily as it could also be an object, a mountain, or a rock. The opportunity to make such connections and understand them, to see of the way in which these are affecting you, this has much value in a stimulation of the third eye, the sense that it opens in a way of deeper contact to all things, and that this can be expanded further does seem to increase.

There does seem to be additional ability, particularly observed in how this flower was utilized in Lemurian times in a group effort. Thus teaching psychic abilities, especially psychometry or attunement to the subtle energies associated with objects does seem to be strengthened. However, in Lemuria, the opportunity to use this to contact devas far away on the other side of the planet was one of its more important uses. This is also valuable for individuals today when they are seeking to send energy of a positive nature to some location somewhere.


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