San Pedro Cactus (Echinopsis) – Individual Awareness

The beautiful flower of this cactus has a fascinating property, bringing a sense of possibility to the individual that is very focused on individuality, an aspect of your own uniqueness. Oftentimes this can be a very powerful solution when people are seeking a answer to this simple question: what is my purpose? Many times that question must relate in some way to a doingness: the job I am going to take, the relationship I am going to have, the way I am going to connect to other people, etc, etc.

Yet this is usually felt for most individuals to be unsatisfying, not producing for them that sense of something unique about themselves. Oftentimes when they are asking this question, what is my purpose, what they really mean is ‘Why have I come to this body? Why have I incarnated? What is there that is unique about me in this incarnation?’ Hence tuning into the soul energy, as is assisted by a variety of vibrational approaches, is also to some extent less than satisfying because it is that which gives you a much larger perspective, and which connects to other people and to your own highest self, and to soul energies that might have otherwise been unavailable to you. This cactus has this wonderful capability, tuning into your own individuality, specifically though, answering this question, why you are here, and why the soul has chosen this approach, why it is coming into this body, this time and at this place.

And that why-ness not as a specific answer that relates to doing, but a viewing, a sense of your own incarnation, your own willingness to love and be loved, to be here and connect to others, and so on. This individuality does at times seem to create a band of energy between the head and the heart, oftentimes extending out the top of the head from the seventh chakra directly into the heart without going through the rest of the physical body.


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