Rhododendron (R. arboreum) – New Beginnings

Rhododendron comes in a huge variety of shapes, forms, colors and so on, but there is this common energy associated with all of them about beginnings, about energies that can be strongly implanted and which can continue. One problem with rhododendrons in the wild is that the blooms can be so intense and so large that they exhaust the roots and that the plant cannot easily keep up with sufficient nutrient levels. Rhododendron has grown alongside humans for millennia and has gradually adapted to be fed by humans by the addition of compost or various minerals and variety of organic materials into the soil. Devas in continuing this cooperation have opened a variety of energetic attunements to humans to gain nourishment. In return, they are sending a powerful sort of blast of energy when you wish to begin something, to open doors, to do things in a new way, to bring this tremendous burst or bloom into form. These characteristics are shared by a variety of plants of course, with the most prominent being the roses. But unlike the roses, the Rhododendrons have a variety of characteristics that connect them more to the wild, to the sense of any possibility. None of the refinement and energies associated with the purer heart aspects of love seen in the roses apply, rather in the rhododendron energy is this sense that you know as you initiate, as you begin, that you will be accepted, some aspect will be loved, some component of this will be seen as that which others are grateful for. This can stimulate an inner child energy in many people, having the sense that anything is possible, and that even if you fail, you have then made some important steps, and that inner child is to be better loved, accepted, and hopefully that can come again and be shared again.


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