Radish (Raphanus sativus) – Stabilizes Unconscious

Radish essence stabilizes the unconscious and the dream state. It increases the life force, yang energy, and opens the two lower chakras. There is benefit as Radish flower essence is utilized with a variety of speeding-up processes. Many things seem to take place more easily and much faster; the opportunity for this to be strengthened throughout the physical body is noted. A general sense of healing and strengthening are also noted. Many of the energies can move into areas where thee are deficiencies. For many individuals, improvement in eyesight and breathing capacity may result. For many people, there is also a sense of lucid dreaming, awareness in the dream, you are knowing that you are dreaming, but you can do this in a way in which you can still maintain deep restful sleep and can have the sense that this can be extended or continued. That is, a dream that is begun can then be continued into the next night or the next. In addition, there is some benefit for those who are experimenting with astral projection. This is not specific, it can work in many different areas of astral projection, allowing the individual a better sense of it, a calm, a reduced intensity, a sense of equanimity, an ability to maintain the projected state longer will usually result. There is also benefit for the lung meridian for most people. First, second, and seventh charkas are strengthened.


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