Quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) – Inner Child

Childlike states will often result from taking Quince elixir; this is wonderful in itself. Quince essence will allow the individual to play more easily, to engage the child-self, to connect it to the root chakra center, to feel the physical energy and enjoy it. But if an individual wishes to better understand their relationship to all children, to specific children to come in in the future, to the childlike energies that may be specifically routed in their life to creative pursuits, or understanding the link, you might say, between the mental body, the higher conscious self, and the childlike self, Quince can be very helpful. It also appears to be valuable to individuals interested in bringing some of that creative childlike energy to very specific creative pursuits, in particular, those that do not involve very much in the way of conscious thought, such as dance and sports in which very little of an intellectual nature is necessary and in which one can repeatedly bring the playful aspects into form.

At a higher spiritual level, the mental body is significantly energized. This results in all kinds of energies that are deliberately set up to focus in other bodies all throughout the multiple-body systems. Quince essence is a helpful and powerful essence at awakening some of the capacities of the highest spiritual awareness of the regenerative process, particularly relating to the manifesting of children, the ability to work with the inner child energy, make contact with the non-physical child before it is to be born; but more importantly, the overall goal in one’s life plan in relating to children. This is a very useful elixir, especially in the formative years before age 7, shifting the ability of the child to recognize and accept their own highest potential, the ability to manifest the soul energy and use it in many ways in the world, is enhanced and strengthened.


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