Purdy’s Iris (Iris purdyi) – Inner Conflict

There is a swirling energy around this plant, particularly in bloom that does appear to be captured by the flower essence. An awareness of the ability to move, to spin, to sense vortices in your own body, various ways in which they spin and turn, would be enhanced by this iris. But an important attribute is made clearer for most individuals around the issue of chronic disease. Chronic diseases will typically have associated with them an entry point in the physical body. This is not true of course for every chronic disease, but many of them do have particular areas in which the body is affected. Those areas are governed at the transition between the aetheric and the physical level by a vortex; a swirling energy. Purdy’s iris can be helpful as individuals come to understand this, partly for the lesson associated with that part of the body and the deeper psycho-spiritual understanding, but also dealing with the vortex itself, having a sense of it, it’s shape, it’s size. Sometimes these can be quite large, even as big as 10 feet across as they focus their energy right down into a tiny spot somewhere in the physical body. Other times they can be quite small, and even moveable, for instance where they affect the entire nervous system or the entire circulatory system. But the sense that you can communicate with these vortices by using your hands, have an awareness of them when you close your eyes, have a sense of an ability to interact with them the same way you might give yourself a massage or view in your mind’s eye different parts of your body, this is enhanced by Purdy’s iris.


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