Primrose Tree (Lagunaria patersonii) – Stopping Time

Primrose tree has the potential to assist individuals with an understanding of a stretching of time, or the opportunity to slow down how things are experienced. It is extremely helpful for introspective states when you are looking to more deeply understand what is happening in you and is also helpful in working with others. This can be particularly valuable when one is involved in hypnosis or various processes where a slowing down of time can be very useful. Sometimes this can be particularly helpful when one is in a big hurry, when there is a lot that needs to be accomplished in a short period of time, to slow things down so that you are more effective, so that you have a deeper sense and a potentially peaceful inner sense of the process ahead of you. In ancient times, particularly in Lemuria, the devas associated with this tree were able to draw human beings into an alternate state of consciousness that did not feel like consciousness, but felt instead as if they were taken on a journey, as if they had stepped through a gate, come to a deeper understanding of themselves in a way that they had not previously, journeying into a world in which things happened very slowly, they could observe, move quickly from one project, one idea, one energy, one person, one place, to another, as if a hummingbird flitting from one area to another. The sense that these energies were more available to look at, to understand, to work with, this came into the consciousness.


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