Poison Oak (Toxicodendrum diversilobum) – Forgiveness

One of the principle uses of this essence is in shifting one’s perspective to understanding that which would be invasive or harmful. The relationship here to Poison Oak is a way then in which you can recognize your enemies and understand their gifts for you, understand what they truly bring as valuable and helpful. This is useful with regards to the flower; a property not conferred into the homeopathic, but an understanding in which you then ultimately are able to perceive that enemy in yourself. It is not only about forgiveness, it is about recognizing where there is within your consciousness some aspect that you don’t accept in yourself, some part that you reject, some part that is irritating or difficult. And this is a useful tool in any kind of psychological evaluation, understanding, and awakening in your own life. At the same time as this is conferred, individuals may recognize where they have misplaced the identification of an enemy, holding that which is seemingly going to be irritating or difficult as that which is to be avoided, when in fact there is something to be learned from this, something to be forgiven, something to be accepted. It is as if the disowned self begins to emerge in consciousness, and the understanding of the way to relate to this in a different, more loving way may then come into your own awareness. This can of course be very helpful in relationship when you are learning of ways to interact with other people to allow depth of forgiveness or deeper caring, and to help them to accept those aspects that they disown or push away in themselves. The most powerful use of this is when you are seeking in the physical body some degree of healing for that condition or issue for which there is tremendous emotional content. An example of this might be in sexually transmitted diseases where there is great shame. Or various ways in which one has opinions or judgments about your body or about other people’s. Sometimes this blocks the healing simply because the acceptance of the natural functioning of that part of the body is rejected by the individual.


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