Pink Flame Tree (Brachychiton discolor) – Penetrating Love

This flower has the interesting capacity to enable individuals to understand clearly how people share love, feel it in themselves, but then take the next step, a way in which their love can very clearly be projected, pierce another’s armor, so to speak and allow someone else to then more fully understand, accept, and receive your love. A similar action takes place in reverse for most individuals who become better able not only to receive love, but to feel it very deeply. This can be tremendously helpful if during a relationship of healer and client over time, there is recognized some degree of mutual respect, love, sharing, a way then in which the person and say a therapist, hands-on healer, something of that nature, and the client, do have this awareness of this deeper love between them. This energy then can be multiplied by use of this flower for the effect of enhanced healing, and for the healer to recognize their own karma with this individual, the lessons they are seeking to learn from the healing and interacting experience. Pink Flame Tree also has a unique capacity in engendering this deeper penetrating energy of love to break through some barriers that some individuals may have regarding situations that happened early in childhood. These can be positive or negative, they can be situations relating to abuse, various situations in which the individual may have suffered difficulty; or ways in which they are told that they were given love, but they do not recall it, are not easily able to remember it, or more consciously able to work with it. What will often happen here is that there is a thin barrier or walling off that takes place in consciousness. Typically, this occurs over a segment of the emotional body, and certain feelings or energies trapped within there are not easily received or known to the individual. As this flower allows this penetrating shifting energy of love, the individual is often better able to work with that.


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