Pineapple Lily (Eucomis bicolor) – New Learning

Pineapple Lily can provide much benefit with improvement at the physical level of digestive processes of all types. The entire process of absorbing and receiving new information, working with a variety of energetic forms, new healing methodologies and even new languages is improved. Little benefit is given to the mental body, while most of the energy is focused at other levels: emotional, aetheric, even of astral body shifts and even causal body. It is as if Pineapple Lily is able to assist individuals with absorbing and working with various new aspects without any conscious awareness, without any intervention of thought process. For those who are strongly mentally focused, it is a fascinating exercise as they come to a deeper intuitive understanding; but some may even find it a bit disturbing, as if information or a sense of things made available in ways of which they had no conscious or aware knowledge. But for most individuals who will be attracted to this, an intensification of various intuitive energies is very helpful, the learning of new musical forms, new modes of expression, new language, this can all be very helpful in many different ways when relating to other people, coming to an understanding of new ideas, assisting individuals in ways that were not previously available. Where it has been studied extensively is where individuals are seeking to learn new healing methodologies or new healing techniques. Many individuals involved in various new age pursuits, the same sort of people attracted to flower essences in general, have a tremendous interest in various techniques utilized for healing. However, what is interesting is that many individuals in utilizing these will, at times, reach a sort of blockage, a place where those healing energies only seem to work or go so far. Many things are sometimes utilized afterwards to assist. But a completely different approach is that you utilize Pineapple Lily flower essence before even beginning the process of learning. It is as if you come to it with an opportunity to absorb it, receive it, and know it directly, understanding and working with these energies in a way in which you might have otherwise had a difficulty; the wall, the barrier, whatever; it never occurs.


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