Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) – Meridians Balanced

Parsley has a variety of interesting aspects that can be powerful cleansing at almost every level, clearing out a variety of physical substances and working through the entire meridian structures. There are two areas that are particularly energized, those associated with the top of the head and the base of the spine, the two ends of the governing vessel meridian. These move into a state of a sort of resonance with an energy moving up and down between them. To have the visualization of these as powerful points of white light or an energy moving up and down between them can be useful when taking the flower essence. This enhances the effect and allows the energies an easier time as they move up and down the body. When this occurs there is naturally a balancing aspect to all the meridians, and many ways in which those energies become better received elsewhere in the body. Parsley has an interesting capability of allowing a sense of deeper connection to the higher chakras, those above the head, the energies of chakras eight, nine, and ten are particularly strengthened. This has a bleed over effect working its way very much into the physical, especially in its connection to chakras three, four, and five. As they move, these energies  can coordinate nicely with the sense of the energy moving up and down the spine or up and down through governing vessel meridian. A sense of these energies as they work with the individual will often give them an awareness of areas in their life, things that they must do, that need attention for cleansing, for clearing, for taking stuff that really doesn’t belong there out and in some way letting it go completely. Parsley has the unique ability during the capacity of one clearing out to bring a sense of peace, lightness, stillness, even sweetness, as if one is able to make these changes or shifts without effort, that it comes naturally and easily.


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