Painted Tongue (Salpiglossis sinuata [Chile]) – Appreciation

Painted Tongue confers an opportunity that the individual can be presented with, not forced, simply shown to them, to create a deeper understanding of appreciation, love, compliments, understanding about this, but more consciously, the awareness in their lives of where appreciation lies, how they may be able to receive it for themselves as well as give it and share it among others. Oftentimes individuals find themselves out of balance in this regard and the ability to balance this is enhanced. This often involves very specific exercises, a sense that the individual will create these for themselves can often give for the individual a sense of relief, more energy perhaps, a balancing, the easing of headaches or various physical body pains, all reminders that something is out of balance and needs to be corrected.

One example of this might be if you look in your life at those who have expressed appreciation for you, where you have received this in your body, what you have done to deserve it, those sorts of questions and areas to look at can alert you to where this has shown up, then to look at this energetically. Have you balanced this energy, not just by sharing this with others, but by truly deeply receiving the appreciation and positive energy that has been sent to you? Similar question of course asked in reverse: where have you expressed appreciation to others? This for many individuals will bring up areas where it is lacking, where they have for instance been given something that they have not appreciated or given thanks to, but that is not the real benefit of this flower: it is more the sense in the individual of an internal balance, a balance of not what is needed outside, but what is needed inside.

Specifically, if you were to flip places with that person that you are seeing you have perhaps wanted to send some more appreciation to, and stand in their place in your consciousness, in your imagination, could you receive it? Many times you will see, no you cannot, that it must be given in a different way, it must be shared with them in a way in which they will truly deeply understand this. Thus the mental body is stimulated as this flower allows an individual to have better insight and understanding about this entire process. As this stimulation increases, it affects the emotional body, creating some cleansing and assisting; at the same time though it moves into the aetheric body and brings for the individual a very visceral sense where in the physical body this appreciation can show up. You may be surprised to notice under the influence of this flower that there is more than the usual locations, as if not just landing in abdominal area or heart area, but also perhaps in the fingertips or the feet or the elbows.


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