Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) – Grounding

Okra has important capability as a flower essence in allowing an integration of a variety of spiritual principles that come to consciousness. You become more aware of the nature of those principles, and then they begin to have deeper and deeper physical effects, deeper connectivity to the Earth, deeper sense of earth energy, how spiritual activities influence consciousness, and how you then are able to shift this into something practical, something grounded, something you can use in your everyday life. Usually this will take place across a variety and multiplicity of areas in your life; the artistic, the scientific, the creative or expressive, the communicative, but also the physical and various things that may relate to specific blocks, obstacles, or difficulties that are particular and specific only to your life. As these begin to show up and you make them more available at a physical level, more available in your visualizations, to your feet, to the Earth, to the sense of being connected to Earth, or you become more aware of the different talents and capabilities or experiences that can be blended or utilized together to help you solve problems in your life in a more practical way, a period of integration then ensues, a sense that many of these energies come together and are showing you something of your own oneness. Along with this is a shift in the way in which you relate to many things in the world in a more appropriate manner so far as time goes. Appropriate budgeting of time is usually what shows up in the beginning, but there becomes a better sense of time flow, a practical way in which you are able to share and work with others without abusing their time limits or yours, and various ways in which this shifts for you so you begin to have a deeper sense of this.


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