Myrtlewood Tree (Umbellularia californica) – Remote Healing

Myrtlewood tree offers properties to improve the energies felt in the throat, the third eye and in the hands. It can be quite helpful to those who wish to project healing abilities. This can extend over quite long distances, even across stellar distances. This flower essence can provide a sense of deeper connection through the Earth, and thus the Earth herself can be contacted by some individuals who are particularly interested in remote healing of the Earth. There can be benefit transferred to individuals who have great compassion or love for certain aspects of nature, not so much for the devas or the natural kingdoms themselves as for the subtler levels from which energy is transferred, and can have real healing capacity. This can be more easily expressed or shared, and teachers in particular, who wish to share healing capacities or ideas may find this useful in transferring information, be it writing it or sharing it through their teaching.


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