Mountain Ash (Rowan) (Sorbus aucuparia)

Mountain Ash elixir can bring all individuals a much deeper appreciation for themselves, life, and the sweetness and understanding of life. It tends to allow a sense of wonderful sweetness, with a deepened capacity for connectivity between many species, which can allow individuals a greater degree of love, on many levels, between each other. It can be particularly helpful as a flower essence in easing tensions of an interracial nature, by allowing interracial marriage or marriage that spans generations. Various other differences can also be more easily resolved. In addition, there can be a development of love to a much higher, finer degree in which one begins to appreciate differences at a powerful level. This deeper appreciation allows the individual far more energy and greater inner strength. This is very important in the healing process associated with the pancreas. Mountain Ash will usually give, with repeated use, a higher spiritual perspective on many aspects of life.


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Weight2.91 oz
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