Grevillea ‘Moonlight’ – Unconscious Understanding

This unique tree with flowers provides a visual connection to the unconscious, it is helpful where possible to view this, a picture of it or an actual growing plant to significantly enhance the effect of the flower essence. The flower essence provides a sense of the joy in your unconscious. Most recognize or resent the unconscious pull bringing energy where you don’t want it, pulling your conscious attention from things that are seemingly of greatest importance. The unconscious is, of course welcomed by artists, by those who are creative, as a source of inspiration, particularly where it is that which gives them deeper introspection into their own lives. Unconscious as a useful source of negative energies that can be utilized for producing the things of great importance emotionally to people: horror films, things that are frightening to people, that draw up their most difficult issues.

Humankind has been fascinated with these things; from ancient rituals, to times of frightening energies, into the present day with various horror movies and the recent great explosion in vampire movies, all of this simply reminding you of that which is unconscious but feared, that which is held at some arms length, unwilling to be embraced, is that which is fascinating because it is a part of your being you have not resolved. Moonlight Grevellia assists the individual in recognizing this, but more importantly finding joy in the experience, finding a way in which this can be a powerful release of what has been inside, an opportunity to experience these energies in a very beautiful and delightful way. One very specific and interesting proposal for utilizing it is particularly for those who find some of these new vampire movies attractive or interesting to take the flower essence before watching such a film.

The whole idea of utilizing any vibrational remedy around an entertainment experience is a little unusual and that which we have not spoken of extensively in the past, but that which is always an opportunity to bring some sense of perspective and to understand the deeper meaning. Where it is particularly valuable is if after seeing the film one can then think about it, look at the issues involved, understand questions such as who transformed, and why? Where is that related to my life? Where am I like that, or can I be seen in some way as having the opportunity to transform myself?

Opportunity for individuals to find greater joy in the experience of their own unconscious can be a very valuable healing tool. Many individuals will find certain aspects of their own unconscious repugnant, that which they are rejecting, that which they wish to somehow overcome. This can be done, and it is important sometimes for some individuals, particularly where the unconscious aspects are those aspects within their own life that they find essentially disagreeable, and others might even agree: a fetish perhaps, some fascination with something that most people would find somehow morally repugnant, but it is there anyway. This can be particularly problematic with obsessions, particularly around people or particular activities. But where you can find the joy in it, where you can find something positive about it, where you can bring forth into your own sense of the world something in you unique about this, more benefit can show up, and you may find it easier to let go of it or to shift the underlying energy, and most importantly to ask the deeper more penetrating questions, questions that most individuals associated with negative aspects of their own unconscious are very plagued by: ‘Why do I have this’, ‘Why can’t I change it?’, ‘How can I shift this energy?’, etc, etc. They are not asking the right question. Here the question that emerges, particularly with association from Moonlight Gravelia is something along the line of: ‘What is good about it?’, ‘What is right about it?’, and ‘What can I use from this?’ Many individuals with these aspects of unconscious that they are resisting will of course learn a great deal in understanding about it.


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