Mexican Palo Verde Tree (Parkinsonia aculeata) – Emotional Shift

The flower essence from Mexican Palo Verde Tree has the capacity to shift emotional perspective in people, allowing them a deeper level of compassion for others. This can extend into aspects of healing, particularly where you recognize an emotional trauma or aspect of emotional deficit or deficiency in another person. For the healer, this flower can help in treatment of those with extreme emotional swings. You can allow a healing, loving, compassionate energy and various important emotional aspects in your own consciousness may be better transferred in a long lasting way into the other person, lasting perhaps as long as a month, with the idea that, as needed, they can call on that energy and can draw on it for themselves for a time of enhanced awakening, healing, or understanding. Mexican Palo Verde Tree has additional benefit; as the individual may use this and not find immediate benefits, still they have moments of clarity, a sense of patience with their own mood swings, a willingness to work with these energies in different ways in order to gradually rectify the problem.


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