Mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) – Earth Connection

Mesquite has some unique ability to allow the individual the sense that any stress that is felt in life that might seem to be connected to their own life – something personal about themselves – is somehow immediately released, the sense that it is shared with the Earth is such a way that the earth energy is so much larger that one can then easily release this. The acceleration of energies in the feet, and the capacity for the energy as it moves through the feet to connect to Earth and be easily released if such energies are difficult. One interesting use of Mesquite flower essence is in detoxification where one is seeking to release toxins that may have accumulated in the physical body. These are best released by physical means, while at the same time their stresses and aspects of consciousness associated with them producing stresses can then reduce ones physical energy, draw attention into areas where there are struggles in ones life, and this flower essence is quite helpful then at allowing this to be easily and quickly released. There is of course a reverse effect; deeper ability to communicate with Earth, to understand Earth, to interact with her in a more direct way and to feel in particular a nurturing capacity.


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