Marina Strawberry Tree (Arbutus marina) Past-Life Understanding

This tree has the ability to bring past-life issues into people’s consciousness with a deeper understanding of the whole direction and a sense of why they brought these issues in the past. This is often difficult for individuals. First they accept and work with their understanding of past lives. This comes partly just due to the underlying belief that they are willing to accept that they have been here before. But eventually with a deeper acceptance of this comes the more challenging issue: why did I choose those tendencies for that life? As if you are then gradually connecting to the intermissive period before the past life in question.

When understanding the concept of coming in and out of consciousness, most individuals put a lot of attention on the last life and the last intermissive. This is natural; it is the easiest life to understand because the cultural similarity, technological sophistication levels, attunement to individuals and so on, who are all often in existence now, is easiest. But in the intermissive, particularly the last intermissive, the opportunity to view what you have set out for yourself, the goals and ideas for this life, obvious, simple, and helpful to know, perhaps even more useful than the understanding of any past life. But as you gradually begin to recognize similarities, tendencies drawn and created, issues with certain people over and over, you may begin to appreciate the preparation and planning that went into your selection of all the characteristics for your past lives: the people you would be with, the physical body you would have, the way you would interact with other people, and so on. It is not as if Strawberry Tree gives you the wisdom to understand all of this, but it provides the opportunity to remember, to have more sense of it, to bring in for yourself the deeper awareness of this energy.


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