Madrone (Arbutis menziesii) – Heart Wisdom

Madrone confers a deep sense of wisdom. The awareness of this goes right to the heart; not to the mind. There is a sense that there is a great deal of access to wisdom, even in youth and with those who might otherwise not evidence wisdom. This can be a sense of deeper peace or an awareness of inherent connectivity for some individuals. It can be particularly helpful when working with ecological systems, the understanding of nature, seeing how one thing connects to another, and so on. Madrone flowers confer this awareness of a deeper connection to a universal wisdom as if it has always been present. An awareness of this in many new ways may show up. If you have used Madrone essence in the past, perhaps six months after having used it, and you use it again, your experience will be different. What you will remember, how you will know yourself, how you will see various aspects of wisdom in the world; these will all shift and change. This is a wisdom in the heart, a sense that all is well, and the opportunity to draw this energy more deeply into all parts of your being, that this is natural and easy to accomplish, and can bring an awareness of this in ways that have never been present before, as if the things that you have learned stimulate a completely different way of understanding those things than has been present before. Madrone can confer in some individuals unique and very useful healing properties. The ability to share these thoughts or ideas with others, saying the right thing, asking the right question, or finding the way to interact with others. But it is not the words; it is the feeling in the heart that is actually making the energy connection.


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