Lawyer’s Tongue (Gasteria bicolor) – Inner Child

Lawyer’s Tongue has some interesting properties that bring a sense of the inner child into people’s consciousness in a way in which they have a recognition of something in it that is very solid, the child that is the basis of your own survival instinct, your willingness to come into incarnation, your ability to manifest and work with the law of manifestation, and better understand from your own personal awareness the law of permanence. This inner child has a degree of wisdom and persistence, but has more of the capability to remind you that you are alive, that you come here to learn, to grow, to work with different energies and so on, but there is a part of it that is simply about wonder, awe, the beauty and capacity of love and humor all on its own, without it trying to do anything or be anything different.

Tuning into this inner child energy can at times bring up emotions, many of the emotions that have been repressed, particularly from the first 6 months of life. This is a time period for many individuals in which there are many powerful but often subtle influences that they have little awareness of. But these energies as they become more conscious in them can influence them in positive and helpful ways. And various ways to relieve traumatic experiences from such time period does seem to be associated with Lawyers Tongue. In addition, there is the sense that the individual can find an inner balance, a balance that was not easily known previously. We see that people recovering from any injury in which balance has been affected and those seeking to improve their sense of balance, would certainly benefit. Dancers and physical therapists will both benefit from working with this as well.


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