Lavender Star (Grewia occidentalis) – Spiritual Belonging

Lavender star bush has helpful spiritual properties in a deeper attunement to the sense that you belong here and that there is purpose to your own spiritual awakening or understanding. Many individuals who are attracted to the same sort of path that will lead them to a deeper understanding of flower essences will find that there is a sense of separation in their lives, that their spiritual understanding, their learning with other people even of a spiritual and psychological nature might somehow not easily be adaptable and utilizable in the world.

When one speaks of spiritual matters, of course, one may find a kindred soul or someone to share this with, but otherwise it is as if ones spiritual learning is somehow separated from all other aspects of life. This can lead to many problems where an individual has a sense of separateness or even judgment as to the foolishness or foibles of humanity. But with this flower, the individual is better able to understand many aspects that lead to this sense of separation and let it go; the sense that it is possible to utilize spiritual principles more consciously in daily life, the opportunity to ask deeper questions as the right time and right place for it will arise with everyone, the willingness to experience a deeper, more profound, helpful spiritual healing energy that can be shared with other people, be it at the grocery store, walking down the street, or in something more focused on spiritual matters such as classes, church service, or whatever.

As individuals are better able to understand this, they are then able to let go of the sense of separation and find instead that there is a oneness about spirituality, most importantly, the principles that they have found most valuable and most important, as they look at spirituality.


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