Ladies Purse (Calceolaria hybrida) – Upliftment

This flower essence has been focused on extensively by a variety of devas for one singular purpose, which has to do with the opportunity for guides and helpers to lift an individual. This has a variety of different applications, but the simplest of these is observed when you recognize the assistance from guides, helpers, or positively interacting beings, including angels and archangels, directly associated with your feet. These energies are to lift you. This works symbolically at the level by which you are able to have the sense that you are being assisted or supported in your life. The essence allows the individual to be lifted, to be connected with the feet, to be assisted and loved, and to feel this at the lower chakras moving all the way up into the higher chakras as well. Most importantly though there is this sense that you can go anywhere, anything is possible, nothing is limited, all doors are open, even the question, ‘where would you like to go now?’, arrises as a sort of intriguing opening and invitation in Consciousness. These energies can be particularly helpful to an individual who is feeling trapped or stuck in their lives, be it metaphorically as in a rut within a job, or literally as in prison or in some situation that is extremely confining; a hospital, an underground area or perhaps an island. These are only the trappings or holdbacks of the physical, and so to liberate by acceleration in consciousness can be a useful tool.


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