Kangaroo Paw (Pink/Violet) (Anigozanthus manglesii) – Inner Strength

This flower essence is similar to Red Kangaroo Paw with a greater focus of helpful energies in the pancreas.

Red Kangaroo Paw has some interesting capacities to assist individuals with finding a sort of inner strength, a willingness in themselves to build a great degree of this strength to the point that they have a sense that they don’t need it, that they can let go of it. This not only increases one’s inner confidence or an awareness of oneself, but allows a sense of this in others. It helps you to discover the strength you may feel in other people, find a way in which you are able to interact with them, and make this a simpler, easier activity. Secondly, some individuals may find that they are feeling some sense of fear around others who are very strong. This can be not only from physicality but also from a variety of different energies that may come out in people. Gradually this shifts. One of the most important aspects here is where individuals tend to attract others who might make fun of them, or say things about them that they might struggle with. Kangaroo Paw shifts this consciousness, allowing them not only to laugh at themselves, but to understand and forgive others better. This gradually builds inner confidence, strength, and an ability to interact with others in a more loving way. But the most interesting application of Kangaroo Paw comes out when an individual wishes to speak in public. This not only allows confidence for speaking, but a relaxed state in which one can be more easily humorous, able to share enjoyable fun stories and even become a comedian.


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