Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis fruticosa) – Relationship Wisdom

Jerusalem Sage has important capacity to reveal to individuals aspects hidden from themselves and others, not only bringing up from the unconscious that which was buried, but allowing that which was not available even in conscious awareness with other people. This can be incredibly helpful when one is involved in counseling and one tends to be stuck, bringing forth new ideas and possibilities, but more importantly revealing what was hidden below the surface, both to the counselor and the client. It can also confer some degree of deeper understanding about oneself, having the possibility of bringing aspects you had not previously considered possible about your own existence. Secondarily, because there is this ability of Jerusalem Sage to unite opposites, there can be many different aspects in consciousness united. In particular, there is the aspect of the male/female where one has rejected or pushed away some of the aspects of this. This is likely to be a very helpful remedy for women who are seeking to better understand aspects of relationship. The ways in which men have proved particularly troublesome or difficult for them can be eased and shifted as they begin to accept some of the characteristics in themselves, the capacity to find a reason at an emotional level, a sort of way to make sense of it all, is very much enhanced with Jerusalem Sage. Wisdom in relationship however is not about relationship with other people, it is about relationship with yourself, with the deeper understanding of the rejected characteristics you may have within yourself that relate to any aspect of the opposite.


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