Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) – South Africa – Shared Etheric Body

There does seem to be an interesting way in which many people who enter into relationships lasting more than 3 years tend to create a sort of shared aetheric body. This is not as powerful or influential as that of the aetheric body that they associate with themselves or that which came with their own birth, but still it does have a continual influence on various ways in which they work with subtle energies. This might be called the couple’s body, or sometimes with larger groups, the family body. But this energy is that which does tend to at times accept or reject based upon something relating to the way in which the couple relate to each other and the world; and there is no restriction on this, it could be 4, 5, 20, whatever number of people. But generally for most people the focus here is on the dyad. Part of that is society’s constant focus on two-ness, but part of it also is the way in which various aspects of blending from two people who are attracted to each other will influence and work with this.

It does not really matter if they are same sex or opposite sex, though most commonly you will see this with people who are of opposite sex. As they are able to work with these energies more consciously, they will usually become aware of some underlying inner properties associated with this; some energy associated with this will usually show up as what you want to do as a couple or where you are putting your energy in the world. This is very obvious and easy when there is some task immediately at hand, and most typically this will be in the raising of children. But it does not really matter where it is, and in many cases as the children grow up, the energy shifts. This is particularly valuable for Jade Plant in bringing into people’s consciousness where this shifted energy can best be applied. As the kids are older, as they are doing different things, where are you going to put your energies as a couple, might be the question that is posed.


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