Icelandic Poppy (Papavar nudicaule) – Psychic Development

With the essence there is an enhanced capacity in the individual to collect energy in ways they hadn’t made easily available to them. This is not so much for the integration of the energy but for the collection of it. Specifically, it can be focused into areas of psychic development where one has worked in a particular modality for a while, the visua,l perhaps or the auditory, and in order to enhance this or strengthen it, they then are encouraged to go in a whole different direction to bring in energies that have to do with a different modality.

To have the sense of this for the individual, some kinesthetic attunement would be helpful, the sense of the arms to the left and right with the hands upraised, the sense that energy is coming in, that you are breathing it in, that it is running deep into your physical body, can be helpful. To give this a color, a sound, a movement by the arms vibrating slightly, or moved in a gentle circle, these sorts of things all at the same time would be very useful along with the vibrational remedy of Icelandic Poppy. The sense that all of these energies build within you for a few moments, perhaps 30 seconds or so, would be helpful. Then as you release this, have the sense of it connecting to Earth, and then be quiet. Do not expect to receive anything in particular, but for a moment simply receive what earth has to share with you.

There is a powerful connection to the natural kingdoms in many of the high volcanic activity areas on your planet. This extends not just to people but also to the flora, fauna, and especially the devas in those areas. The devas associated with Icelandic Poppy are bringing into your own understanding a sense of tolerance, acceptance, even love for people who have no interest in consciousness, vibration, or anything of a non-physical nature. This is a very difficult place for many people to understand. If you have awareness of this yourself, it would often seem to you difficult, judgmental, even that which might produce powerful emotion when you are around people or listen to them speak who have little regard for this aspect of life.


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