Hydrangea – (Hydrangea macrophllya) – Chakra Awareness

One of the most interesting features of hydrangea is the stem bark, which forms seven thin layers of different colors. Indians have utilized this capacity, Cherokee in particular, because of the awareness of this relating to the seven energy centers in the physical body. The hydrangea essence works in many ways to combine energies of the chakras, allowing them to inter-commingle and transmit energy through their various components in very useful ways for people. It is almost as if they are more able to visualize the chakras, particularly those occurring in the physical body, and thus oversee and govern the transmission of energy between them. This can be extremely helpful for healers who are seeking to awaken chakras in individuals. Or this can be extremely helpful for individuals seeking to bring new energy from one chakra to another where one is at a lower level of function than others. This has the ability to also produce protection energies, somewhat like garlic, and may work well with garlic flower essence in reducing insect infestation or insects bothering or hurting people.


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