Hound’s Tongue (Cynoglossum officinalis) – Tenacity

This plant as a flower essence can provide insight into how in your own speaking and other forms of communication are perceived. It can allow some benefit of enhanced persistence and strength. Some aspects of the ability to, through this tenacity and better awareness of how other people perceive you, provide an enhanced sense of love. Self love, love for others, forgiveness and kindness can be traits that are strengthened and at the same time become more enmeshed with your daily life and your inner character. That sense of tenacity and ability to continue those traits, to even emphasize them has been utilized by the devas in ancient times. The feline kingdom and especially its ability to perceive, at a higher vibrational level, aspects of your own nature are strengthened. Anyone with an attraction to cats, those who interact with cats, who wish to take care of them, or find themselves frequently with cats as pets, would do well with this. There is even some slight tendency here to reduce allergic reaction to cats, which is quite a common issue, dating from an earlier lifetime in which severe traumatic experience has left its own scar on the individual.


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