Opuntia (High Plains) (Opuntia polyacantha) – New Perspectives

Opuntia facilitates a deeper awareness of the entire skeletal structure, especially opening the concept of maximizing flexibility. It expands the ability to see new perspectives and share new energies, while coordinating these with old ones. The ability to create new belief patterns is enhanced, as is the willingness to release patterns that no longer work. Weight loss can sometimes be the result of using Opuntia flower essence, when the body needs to rebalance itself. Opuntia can encourage new states of consciousness, which can lead to a speedup in how relationships form, by expanding our awareness of relationship obstacles or blocks. This elixir can help people release previously held notions about the nature of relationship, and encourage inner aspects and understandings. On an outward level, energies are eased, so that indeed one can meet others in their soul family and gain awareness of guides and other beneficial energies.


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