Harlequin Flower (Sparaxis tricolor) – Releasing Judgment

There does seem to be an interesting property here of this flower essence in its ability to enable you to more deeply trust aspects of your own personality that you have found difficult and discover as you work with them in ways that they can be better shared with others, understood and trusted in yourself, translating the ability to use these with others. Oftentimes, for individuals, this will relate to buried fears and deep issues that have not been surfaced, coming to the surface in a way in which they may be understood or spoken about, and then the deeper message, the deeper positive quality allowed to come forth, the sense that every negative in your personality, every tendency or issue, everything that you are working on, has a positive helpful side, but also has a positive, helpful, or strengthening side that is hidden from your consciousness, some aspect you cannot name, you cannot know.

After using this flower essence two or three times a day for three days, it then makes sense to investigate this more consciously, to ask such questions as: ‘if there was a positive side to this particular difficulty I have, what would it be?’ More specifically, if in making a mistake or doing something with other people or relating to others in the world in some way in which you are self-critical. You wish things could have been different, you recognize a tendency you can then bring this into consciousness and name it. Then to ask this same question: ‘if there was some aspect of this that was positive, helpful, beneficial, what might it be?’


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