Golden Eardrops (Dicentra chrysantha) – Loving Release

Golden Eardrops essence has the capacity to help individuals perceive in the natural environment their subtle interaction with all plants, all animals, the devic orders. A variety of different aspects will show up, but typically the first and foremost will be that of what is needed to be cleansed, what needs to be released, what is standing in the way of your ability to know God, to have a sense of presence, to have a connection to the universe. As that block may show up in its very simplest form as the words of a child, as a simple vision, as an energy at a pure emotional level, it may be valuable to very deliberately cleanse it by moving the body, by dancing, by drumming the feet strongly on the bare earth, by having the opportunity in your own consciousness to welcome the way this may easily pass through. What will then naturally emerge after every experience under the influence of this flower essence is a beautiful heart energy, a loving sense. It is as if somehow that which can be swept away, that which is released by emotional expression, then immediately reveals a positive aspect underneath it, a loving nurturing component, a place inside your consciousness that just naturally knows that this is appropriate to now be released. In understanding or receiving these energies, the beauty of Golden Eardrop is to assist you in finding this in your own way, a way in which it is unique to you, in which you can then move through that sweeping/releasing process and then come to that place of deeper peace or deeper love.


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Weight2.91 oz
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