Ginkgo Tree (Ginkgo biloba) – Multi-Dimensionality

One of the oldest plants on Earth in its current form, with little change now from its existence indeed many millions of years ago, Gingko has a capacity to engender in many individuals a sense of their ancient identities, even before human incarnation, all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs. This primitive simple fan-shaped leaf has the particular ability to generate this for some individuals, just looking at the plant brings this more consciously into their awareness. However, when this plant develops flowers, it is able to produce a very powerful energy that ties to other dimensions and a capacity of awareness of those dimensions as available to yourself. In ancient times the flower essence was used to enhance the ability of people to alter their form, to change their dimension, to move from one vibrational level to the other. This is not so easily available because of the increased density on Earth, but still some tendencies for this from the flower essence are available for individuals. Gradually however the more modern and important capacity associated with the flower and the deva order became available to individuals. This is an acceptance of the natural tendency of the individual to pass over into the other dimensions. This is not just about the acceptance of death or the understanding of it, but the process of life and birth as well and an understanding of the cycles of this in a more direct way become available to people. Some of these are important in areas that have not been well understood. A far more potent way to use it is in flower essence form, particularly when one is treating memory problems, working with the understanding of advanced age, understanding of the consciousness as it changes, becoming more aware of the beings on the other side, not just relatives, friends, loved ones, etc, but your own consciousness, the aspect of you that you have separated from your own physical being and allowed to remain on the other side while a portion of you came into existence here. All of these become thinner, all of the ability to perceive this and work with it becomes more available. Hence the flower essence is actually a more valuable adjunct in aging, memory loss, various ways of working with aging individuals than the leaves or any other part of the plant. The flower essence can also give one a rather startling and direct view, from time to time, of what is happening multi-dimensionally, what is happening on the other side, how one becomes aware of it and so on.


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