Giant White Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai) – Personal Expansion

This is a very unusual plant, particularly because of its large size, and yet this is a reminder of your own smallness, of your own way of fitting into something much larger. In particular, the essence of giant white bird of paradise is very helpful for individuals who wish to have a deeper sense of being nurtured, held, wrapped up, so to speak, in a larger aspect of consciousness. Oftentimes individuals who are strongly seeking through sex addiction, relationship addiction, or even having a large family, are really seeking the sense of unconditional love. Seeking this unconditional love energy, they are brought to the sense of something missing in themselves, the sense that they are deeply loved, that this energy is apparent on many levels and that they can welcome it. This is one of the benefits giant white bird of paradise provides to individuals. As they come to better understand this, they will recognize a much larger presence.

This larger presence doesn’t make sense in terms of anything physical, but this energy is generally perceived as your highest guide, an archangel perhaps, a guide to a larger family group, some energy that is larger than your own particular guides and helpers, but that which loves, unfolds, assists, and works with all of them as if to wrap all of them together and share this lovable, helpful, strengthening without words. There is very little energy associated with this plant and the fifth chakra; rather it is through soundless, soft, loving energy that the deeper aspects of communication with that which is larger than yourself is enhanced and strengthened. Because of this, energies associated with the sixth, eighth, and tenth chakras will often be much stronger.

Energies for many individuals as they perceive and work with this vibration can be very artistically stimulating, bringing new ideas for songs and a new sense of one’s connection to something larger than yourself. Yet this will not always be logical, it will not interact very much with the logical brain, but it will be more of a reminder of your intuitive connection to a larger oneness, an energy of love, companionship, and strength. What generally happens as one utilizes this essence is that there will be for a time a stronger connection to this energy, and then it will fade; as if you are somehow connected to a much larger whole than yourself, and yet you have no direct evidence for this, it is just a feeling, and then gradually it passes. This can return several times, even after taking the essence once. What is really happening here is an invitation, a sense of asking you to expand. Can you welcome the sense that guides, powerful cosmic energies and aspects beyond your own individual self that are reaching to you, touching you, helping you, loving you; right now? Can you see yourself fitting into something much greater than you had before?


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