Flowering Maple (Abutilon hybridum) – Sensory Integration

Flowering maple essence has a useful capacity to shift how one perceives overall, the further integration of all of the senses and the ability for each one to create a synergism or strengthening of the other. This is particularly valuable when individuals are developing psychic abilities or working with raising consciousness, but it has a far more valuable use. Individuals are able to use this to enhance relationships, to interact with other people in a more conscious and loving way, and of course for various martial arts disciplines. One problem people encounter in developing psychic abilities is that they relate to past experience. ‘Oh I have done that before unsuccessfully’; or, ‘I knew somebody in the past who did that and I wasn’t able to’; or whatever may be one of their underlying thought forms. This is very important to dismantle. One of the most important reasons for this is that the very framework in which you have approached this has changed, humanity’s consciousness has changed, the position of the Earth around the galaxy has changed, the energetics associated with the relationship between the subtle realms and the physical realm have changed. Most importantly, you are different from where you were 5 years ago, and indeed an integration of many of the senses, an awareness of all of the things that are going on around you as if you are breathing in light, sound, healing, this sense of an integration of each of these is very useful, and Flowering Maple can be very useful in enhancing and strengthening this on many levels.


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