Flame Vine (Pyrostegia venusta) – Positive Thoughts

Flame Vine (Pyrostegia Venusta) Positive Thoughts

Here is a flower essence that can provide many individuals with a sense of purpose and life, a joy simply in being, as they have deeper connection to their willingness to incarnate, their original sense of coming into physical bodies. This can ease depression, releasing stuck emotions and stuck energies that could in some cases lead to suicidal thoughts, releasing various energies that put people in a position of all that is considered clinical depression. This is not the same as sadness; it is an energy that usually forces individuals to slow down, to get into bed, to do less.

These energies can be difficult for individuals to recognize and to deal with. Under all circumstances there is some aspect within the consciousness that is somehow being held down. This flower can be quite helpful with individuals having a sense that they belong here, that they tenaciously cling to life, and that most importantly its ability to manifest in them, to see this principle, to feel it, to sense it in a way in which they hadn?t perhaps before; this can be encouraging to enable them to do things that they might have otherwise been unwilling to do, and as a result face some of the deeper darker issues.


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