Filaree (Erodium cicutarium) – Emotional Karma

Filaree has a useful capacity to bring into people’s consciousness a sense of relationship that goes beyond that of the soul in the current incarnation or even across lifetimes. A powerful question many people have is: what is my connection to this individual that I am in relationship with, with regards to past lives we have lived together? It will increase one’s awareness of the power of the emotional side, the emotional connection that people feel as they are aware of their interaction with other people.

This energy is one that is relating to the common or joined soul, a way in which the dark and light sides of your being, the aspects in which through the relationship you have known each other in the past and stimulated each other in many different ways, that these can become better known, that these can come into your consciousness and be better accepted and shifted, and ultimately those which can change your life for the positive.

Filaree has the capacity to encourage people to experience this, as if those beings that they were in the past are again helping you today, but as a couple, as two. Although the dyad is not the only application of this, it can be an energy that could be utilized in groups naturally, bringing through the soul energy and past-life energy associated with family or group energy for particular projects, etc.

However, the main use is in the dyad at the current time where Filaree’s energy encourages you to perceive and understand through another person’s eyes, through the sense of what you see they could be, and they see you could be; this not just about potential as much as it is about who you have been.


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