Ferocactus latispinus – Spiritual Healing

This flower essence of this cactus appears to have an important ability in stimulating people’s connection to their highest possible reality, their highest possible good, and to translate this through their own being and somehow allow it out into the world. The ultimate karmic purpose of the cactus is to remind people of this ability to manifest energy, pouring not only in their own imagination infinitely upwards, but also as if symbolically connecting to the highest possible vibration. This can be especially stimulating for the crown chakra, and this can be helpful for development of the pineal gland and some psychic abilities, in particular certain higher channeling states and the ability to transform higher God-information into areas that are practical or easily transmissible by human language concepts. In addition there is some stimulation of the seventh, eighth, and ninth chakras, a bringing through of new forms of spiritual information, and an ability to provide some form of spiritual healing.


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