Desert Lily (Hesperocallis undulata) – Daily Joy

Desert Lily has interesting properties in enabling higher states of consciousness to be readily accepted and utilized in daily life. Most people have the capacity to shift vibration for short periods of time, but are especially perplexed with the challenge of bringing this into everyday life; yet for the acceleration of consciousness on this planet, for the utilization of higher states of consciousness in a practical way, this is absolutely necessary.

Desert Lily appears to be helpful at encouraging and stimulating people to find new routes by which their ability to bring vibrational states that are different from those that they are normally working with in their everyday lives into their everyday lives is accelerated. After all the opportunity to infuse higher states of consciousness into daily life is all around you, and that which you can accept and work with creatively, playfully, joyfully in many different ways.

Desert Lily tends to confer an aspect of joy into people’s lives in a natural way, but it is a joy that also has underneath it the desire or energy to make itself somehow a part of life, and very deliberately ferret out anything that stands in the way.

For many individuals a sense of hopelessness, an aspect of sadness or that which would impede the joy may also show up; the opportunity to have this and move on can be encouraged by Desert Lily, particularly when one is used to the vibrational energy that one has received from using it on a regular basis.


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Weight2.91 oz
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