Fuchsia (Golden) (Deppea splendens) – Mental Integration

There is great benefit with this flower of bringing an intensification of many important thought processes. This can very quickly bring to an individual a sense of integration, an awareness of many things coming together, but then interestingly it passes. It could be coordinated nicely with breath-work to be valuable.

Take the elixir, focus on the breath, do a deep breathing exercise or some breath-work method that you are already familiar with, and if you are not, simply notice the breath. After this, utilize a somewhat deeper breath, and on a complete exhalation, the deliberate conscious receiving, the sense that you are open and going to receive thought, message, idea. You can do this with some seed thought or energy, or you could do it simply openly, simply with the idea that whatever needs to be integrated can come through. Mental energies are brought into a state of greater calm so the mental body expands in its own natural and easy way, better able to communicate with the emotional and astral, and bring energies in that had not previously been considered.

In addition to this, there is a deeper sense within the individual of belonging, of integrated whole, of a sense of energies that can all coordinate and work together very nicely. In management, in areas of business where many people must be worked with together, this can also be a very useful vibrational remedy.


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