Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Cooling Emotions

Multiple levels of emotional difficulty are eased, which often yields stronger spiritual energy that can be used in many different ways. However, under cucumber’s influence, the general cooling effect can move all subtle bodies and create a sense of temporary harmony and calmness within individuals. Therefore it is especially recommended to utilize after difficult emotional states, emotional therapeutic work, or strong physical exertion during which time new emotional states are released. However, the higher spiritual states enhanced by Cucumber are ones of deep sense of calm in which one recognizes and merges the dualistic aspects of heat and cold. The full understanding of the combining of these aspects is difficult for most people, who are either drawn to one or the other. When the physical body is subjected to either extreme heat or extreme cold and is significantly harmed, individuals will often develop emotional patterns around such extremes in temperature, and these emotional patterns also are significantly relieved and eased by the use of Cucumber. At the highest spiritual level it allows a significant blending of the subtle bodies and easing of any congestion due to emotional difficulty. The shape of this fruit confers a wide variety of sexual connotations, but the flavor, taste, and benefit of extreme alkalinizing and enhancement of consciousness with the fruit confers an entirely non-sexual, and indeed in many cases platonic awareness of friendship, capacity to interact with others, and love. It is in this extreme balance between sexual and non-sexual aspects that cucumber flower essence confers its most valuable and helpful lessons, a resolving of sexual issues, a capacity to balance this in oneself and others, and to have the more insightful understanding about this in ways this can be significantly enhanced. The aspects of this that begin to show up for individuals can move into a variety of areas, even including pastlife information and understanding about pastlife sexual imbalances and capacity to balance them in this life, once and for all to end the karmic cycle associated with this is a powerful and useful attribute to the flower essence.


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