Garlic (Chives) – (Allium tuberosum) – New Understanding

Chive essence stimulates the ability to receive information in ways that would not normally be available to the individual. New paths of receptivity open up, capacity to understand in ways that were not easily previously available: new languages, new ways of thinking, math skills improve where they had previously been deficient, or language, writing, creative skills where they had previously proved difficult. Some ability to clear what is termed writers block may be noted. There is with Chives an ability to construct a tube of energy connecting one more clearly to a higher vibrational level, and allow this in an easy and straightforward manner, and allow this in a way that is ongoing for one’s life. With this essence, one can have enhanced ability to allow remote viewing, a sense of being in the other place, a kinesthetic sense or awareness of what it would feel like or smell like, or how those energies of the other place might somehow connect to you would be useful when using chives for this effect. Chives can then allow the sense of this deeper connectivity or communication.


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